Hogan’s Approval Soars In Maryland

A new Goucher College poll finds 69% of Marylanders approve of the way Gov. Larry Hogan (R) is handling his job, an increase from 61% in February.

“Hogan is vying to become the second GOP governor in 60 years to be reelected in Maryland, where registered Democrats outnumber registered Republicans 2 to 1. He has tried hard to avoid a partisan label and has repeatedly distanced himself from Trump and Republicans in Congress.”

“So far, the strategy seems to have worked. Seventy percent of Marylanders disapprove of Trump, nearly the opposite of Hogan’s approval rating… But 47% of Marylanders polled say Hogan has distanced himself ‘about the right amount’ from Trump. Twenty-seven percent say he’s distanced himself too little, and 9% say too much.”