Michael Bloomberg

Bloomberg Warns of ‘Epidemic of Dishonesty’

Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg warned that Americans are facing an “epidemic of dishonesty” in Washington that’s more dangerous than terrorism or communism, the AP reports.

Said Bloomberg: “There is now more tolerance for dishonesty in politics than I have seen in my lifetime. The only thing more dangerous than dishonest politicians who have no respect for the law is a chorus of enablers who defend their every lie.”

Bloomberg Leads Effort to Bypass Feds on Climate Deal

Former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg “is organizing an effort by governors, mayors, business leaders and other private citizens to make sure that Americans play an active role in the Paris Agreement — with or without the federal government,” Yahoo News reports.

Said Bloomberg: “Americans are not walking away from the Paris Climate Agreement. Just the opposite — we are forging ahead. Mayors, governors, and business leaders from both political parties are signing onto a statement of support that we will submit to the UN — and together, we will reach the emission reduction goals the U.S. made in Paris in 2015.”

“If successful, this will be the first time U.S. citizens, local and state officials circumvented the federal government to negotiate an agreement with the United Nations.”

Bloomberg and Trump Talk In Lengthy Call

“Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg — a self-made billionaire who considered mounting his own third party presidential bid this year but ultimately quelled his own ambitions for fear of helping to elect Donald Trump — phoned the president-elect on Monday,” Politico reports.

“It was a ‘very good talk, and long,’ said a source familiar with the discussion, who would not elaborate on the details.”

Exchange of the Day

Donald Trump was interviewed by George Stephanopoulos on ABC News:

TRUMP: Michael Bloomberg has wanted to run for president for probably as long as you have known him and guess what? He never had the guts to do it. And now I see this guy up on stage saying negative things. He knows nothing about me. He’s never been to my office. I don’t know him well.

STEPHANOPOULOS; You played golf together.

TRUMP: Maybe once.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Here’s what he hit you on in the speech….

TRUMP: And I hit the ball a lot longer, and a lot better.

Bloomberg Will Endorse Clinton

“Michael Bloomberg, who bypassed his own run for the presidency this election cycle, will endorse Hillary Clinton in a prime-time address at the Democratic convention and make the case for Mrs. Clinton as the best choice for moderate voters in 2016,” the New York Times reports.

“The news is an unexpected move from Mr. Bloomberg, who has not been a member of the Democratic Party since 2000; was elected the mayor of New York City as a Republican; and later became an independent.”

Why Bloomberg Didn’t Run

Politico: “The former mayor concluded that he’d lose in November or lose later in the House. Either way, it would probably put Donald Trump in the Oval Office.”

“The data Bloomberg’s team put together showed that any path would kill Clinton and leave the Republican nominee largely untouched — even if that Republican was Trump. Clinton has extremely high negative numbers they found, but also extremely high loyalty among Democrats. Bloomberg would win states in three-way races, and turn them green on pollster Doug Schoen’s projected map, but they were all blue states.”

Bloomberg Won’t Run for President

Michael Bloomberg, “who for months quietly laid the groundwork to run for president as an independent, will not enter the 2016 campaign,” the New York Times reports, “citing his fear that a three-way race could lead to the election of a candidate who would imperil the security and stability of the United States: Donald Trump.”

Bloomberg said that Trump has run “the most divisive and demagogic presidential campaign I can remember, preying on people’s prejudices and fears.”

He added that he was alarmed by Trump’s threats to bar Muslim immigrants from entering the country and to initiate trade wars against China and Japan, and he was disturbed by Trump’s “feigning ignorance of David Duke.”

Bloomberg Will Decide This Month

Michael Bloomberg “is expected to decide within the next two weeks whether he will mount a third-party bid for the White House that could further upend a historically wild race,” NBC New York reports.

“Bloomberg, 74, is also mulling a new leadership structure at the company that would allow him to eventually step aside. Those moves — including potentially setting up a succession plan at the top of the company, similar to what Bloomberg did when he stepped aside to run for mayor in 2001 — could be announced within weeks.”

Not Much Excitement for Bloomberg Bid

Politico: “The multi-billionaire media mogul has held out the possibility of an independent candidacy as a tonic for centrists fearful of a Trump presidency. But even as Trump bolstered his chances for the Republican nomination with a solid win in South Carolina, Bloomberg’s trial balloon has yet to gain much altitude, even among those most likely to favor his candidacy.”

“Only if the self-avowed Democratic socialist Bernie Sanders were to cop the Democratic nomination and square off against reality-TV star Trump could these would-be Bloomberg supporters imagine him making the race — and even then, there were doubts.”

Why Bloomberg Could Win

Jonathan Chait: “One reason Bloomberg’s presidential ambitions have always been so comically detached from reality is that he fills a space on the political spectrum that is overserved (socially liberal, fiscally conservative) whereas the actual unmet political demand is just the opposite (socially conservative, fiscally liberal). Democrats keep nominating social liberals whose secret heresy is a willingness to cut deals that trim spending on Social Security and Medicare. Republicans nominate fanatic tax-cutters for the percent who want to deregulate Wall Street. Both parties’ elites agree on free trade and more liberal immigration. Bloomberg has always wanted to enter what is an oversaturated market for views congenial to the elite.”

“But if Trump and Sanders win their nominations, then the opposite would suddenly hold true. Instead of the socially liberal–fiscally conservative set having too much representation, it would suddenly have too little. A candidate who is neither a socialist nor a racist would have a large niche.”

Trump Would Welcome a Bloomberg Bid

Donald Trump said he’d “love it” if fellow billionaire Michael Bloomberg entered the presidential race as a third-party candidate, Politico reports.

Said Trump: “He’s very opposite on me with guns and he’s opposite on pro-life and he’s opposite on a lot of things, so I would love to have Michael get in the race.”

He added: “Michael’s been a friend of mine over the years; perhaps we’re not friends anymore.”