Michael Cohen

Mueller Digs Into Episodes Involving Trump’s Lawyer

“Special counsel Robert Mueller has requested documents and interviewed witnesses about incidents involving Michael Cohen, the longtime lawyer for President Trump whose wide-ranging portfolio has given him a unique vantage point into Trump’s business, campaign and political activities,” the Washington Post reports.

“There is no indication that Cohen is a subject or target of the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. But the scrutiny of his interactions is another sign of the far-reaching nature of the special-counsel probe.”

Trump Lawyer Got Inside Info from Russia Investigation

Daily Beast: “On Dec. 19, 2017, a former staffer for Sen. John McCain named David Kramer testified before the House intelligence committee behind closed doors. He’d played a role in bringing the salacious and unverified Steele dossier to the FBI’s attention, and members peppered him with questions about it.”

“Then something unusual happened. Word of Kramer’s testimony got out—to the lawyer of another witness.”

“A few days after Kramer’s testimony, his lawyer, Larry Robbins, got a strange call. The call was from Stephen Ryan, a lawyer who represents Trump’s longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen. Cohen is facing scrutiny from Special Counsel Robert Mueller and congressional investigators regarding potential coordination between Trump’s team and the Kremlin. He featured prominently in the Steele dossier—the document that Kramer handled—and is currently suing Buzzfeed for publishing it.”

Stormy Daniels Claims She’s Now Free to Talk

Sources close to Stormy Daniels tell The Blast that her legal team notified President Trump’s legal team, including attorney Michael Cohen, that they are in violation of the agreement they made back in 2016.

Daniels is apparently “ready to spill all the tea regarding her alleged affair with Donald Trump” because Cohen allegedly breached the contract he negotiated with the porn star.

A manager for the adult film actress confirmed to the Associated Press that Daniels believes Trump’s lawyer invalidated a non-disclosure agreement by publicly discussing the payment.

Trump’s Lawyer Says He Paid Stormy Daniels Himself

Michael Cohen, President Trump’s longtime personal lawyer, told the New York Times that he paid $130,000 out of his own pocket to a pornographic-film actress who had once claimed to have had an affair with Mr. Trump.

Cohen said he was not reimbursed for the payment.

Said Cohen: “Neither the Trump Organization nor the Trump campaign was a party to the transaction with Ms. Clifford, and neither reimbursed me for the payment, either directly or indirectly. The payment to Ms. Clifford was lawful, and was not a campaign contribution or a campaign expenditure by anyone.”

Trump Adviser Flipped Buildings to Mysterious Buyers

McClatchy: “Donald Trump’s long time business lawyer Michael Cohen may be best known for his aggressive campaign television defenses of the real estate mogul, his role in an abortive effort to build a Trump Tower in Moscow and allegations that he attended a meeting last summer with Russians in Europe.”

“But while serving as a top executive at the Trump Organization for a decade, Cohen himself was a sometime New York real estate wheeler dealer whose companies appear to have netted as much as $20 million in profit by flipping properties to mysterious buyers.”

Trump Lawyer Denies Any Role In Russian Meddling

“Michael Cohen, a former lawyer for President Trump’s business and a close associate of the president, met with the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday morning and planned to vigorously deny that he had played any role in Russia’s efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election,” the Washington Post reports.

“Cohen has made similar denials in the past but his statement to the panel, which was expected in a closed-door session, was made under the penalty of perjury.”

Key Trump Adviser Will Testify to Senate

“Michael Cohen, one of President Trump’s closest business advisers, said on Sunday he would testify on Tuesday to the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee, as the panel investigates alleged Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election,” Reuters reports.

CNN: “Cohen is not expected to be under oath during the appearance, but all witnesses appearing before congressional committees are required to tell the truth or potentially face criminal charges.”

Key Trump Ally Sidelined by Russia Investigation

New York Times: “Since Mr. Trump became president, his need for loyal foot soldiers like Mr. Cohen has never been greater. But instead of helping his longtime employer navigate F.B.I. and congressional investigations into whether his campaign colluded with Russia in the 2016 election, Mr. Cohen now appears to be outside the Trump inner circle, a man on the defensive.”

“The House Intelligence Committee has summoned him for questioning in its inquiry…. He is under scrutiny by the F.B.I., along with other Trump associates, in the Russia investigation. An unverified dossier prepared by a retired British spy and published this year said that Mr. Cohen had met overseas with Kremlin officials and other Russian operatives, which he has denied.”

“After years of loyal service to Mr. Trump, Mr. Cohen, 50, expected to be offered a senior administration post, according to four people who know him, speaking on the condition of anonymity because they feared angering Mr. Cohen. He was given no such job.”

Even Trump’s Lawyer Has Lawyered Up

“Michael Cohen, who for years has served as President Trump’s personal attorney, has hired a lawyer of his own to help him navigate the expanding Russia investigation,” the Washington Post reports.

“Cohen’s decision is the latest indication that the Russia probe overseen by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III is intensifying and could end up focusing on a number of Trump associates, both inside and outside the White House.”

Russia Investigation Expands to Include Trump Lawyer

“One of President Donald Trump’s closest confidants, his personal lawyer Michael Cohen, has now become a focus of the expanding Congressional investigation into Russian efforts to influence the 2016 campaign,” ABC News reports.

Cohen confirmed that House and Senate investigators have asked him “to provide information and testimony” about any contacts he had with people connected to the Russian government, but he said he has turned down the invitation.

Said Cohen: “I declined the invitation to participate as the request was poorly phrased, overly broad and not capable of being answered.”

Trump Aide Apologizes for Rape Comment

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has taken a “no apologies” approach to inflammatory remarks and controversies, but one of his personal aides had some regrets, the New York Times reports.

“Michael Cohen, who is special counsel to Mr. Trump, said that it was a moment of ‘shock and anger’ that led him to suggest that rape could not occur between spouses. Mr. Cohen… was defending his boss after a Daily Beast report about the businessman’s relationship with his first wife, Ivana. The report described a previously reported episode between the two in 1989 that Mrs. Trump once described as rape.”