Rick Saccone

Saccone Says His Opponents Hate God

In his closing message in the Pennsylvania special election, Rick Saccone (R) asserted that his political opponents “hate” the president, the United States, and even God, NBC News reports.

Said Saccone: “They’re energized for hate for our president. Many of them have a hatred for our country. I’ll tell you some more — my wife and I saw it again today, they have a hatred for God.”

GOP Nominee Spent $430K from Expense Account

Expense records show that Rick Saccone (R), who is running in the upcoming Pennsylvania special election for Congress, spent $435,172 in taxpayer money using his expense account in his first seven years as a state lawmaker, The Intercept reports.

“Pennsylvania provides state lawmakers with generous salaries and expense policies, allowing them to bill the government for activities they deem as necessary for their job… But Saccone’s profligate use of the legislative expense account may come as a surprise. He was elected in 2010 during the tea party wave on a pledge to cut government spending.”