Ron Paul

Did Ron Paul Sink His Son’s Campaign?

McKay Coppins: “The two camps have spent much of the past three years bitterly feuding behind the scenes (and trying to knife each other in interviews for my book). But those closest to the family say Rand genuinely admires his father, and is anxious to make him proud by building on his legacy. And Ron? One senior staffer in Rand’s Senate office told me that after years of closely observing the dynamic between the two men, he was left stupefied by Ron’s antagonism toward his son’s career.”

Said the staffer: “He should be proud of Rand, but he’s not. It’s a really weird relationship.”

Quote of the Day

“Two individuals right now that have sort of caught the attention. One of them is way over on this side — I don’t know where to put him, but he’s not on the libertarian side. He’s making a lot of noise. That’s a guy named Trump. The other is named Bernie Sanders.”

— Former Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX), quoted by the Washington Post, on presidential race.

Ron Paul Presents Problem for Son’s White House Bid

“This weekend was a crucial one for Rand Paul, the Republican senator from Kentucky and un­declared candidate for the presidency. He was in California, trying to line up donors at an opulent retreat organized by the billionaire Koch brothers,” the Washington Post reports.

“At the same time, his father — retired after 12 terms in Congress and three presidential runs — was in the ballroom of an airport hotel here, the final speaker at ‘a one-day seminar in breaking away from the central state.’ He followed a series of speakers who said that the U.S. economy and political establishment were tottering and that the best response might be for states, counties or even individuals to break away.”