McConnell Still Has Chance to Get Health Bill to Floor

Jonathan Swan: “Don Jr.’s Russia scandal may have one little upside for the White House: Two sources close to the health care negotiations told me they’re pleased it has distracted the “resistance” movement and moved much of the media spotlight away from McConnell & Co.’s negotiations.”

“Top White House officials and McConnell World sources share a mantra: Every day that passes without a third Republican senator coming out against the health care bill is a victory. That’s why the surprise vote delay for McCain’s surgery recovery is so perilous: It gives the bill’s opponents another week to hold protests, run TV ads, and remind squirmish purple-state Republicans that the ACA has twice as much support as the Republican’s alternative (50% to 24%, according to today’s ABC/WaPo poll).”

Key takeaway: “Everything hinges on getting the bill to the floor by finding 50 Republicans who will vote for a ‘motion to proceed.’ If McConnell can’t do that, it’s over.”

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