Trump’s Reality Show Never Ended

“Over the weekend, President Trump was accused by a Republican senator of running the White House like a ‘reality show.’ In the 48 hours that followed, this is how the president rebutted the characterization,” the New York Times reports.

“He called out the offending senator for being short and sounding like ‘a fool.’ He challenged his secretary of state to an I.Q. contest and insisted he would win. He celebrated the downfall of a critic who was suspended from her job. And his first wife and third wife waged a public war of words over who was really his first lady.”

“Mr. Trump’s West Wing has always seemed to be the crossroads between cutthroat politics and television drama, presided over by a seasoned showman who has made a career of keeping the audience engaged and coming back for more. Obsessed by ratings and always on the hunt for new story lines, Mr. Trump leaves the characters on edge, none of them ever really certain whether they might soon be voted off the island.”

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