Halperin’s ‘Game Change’ Partner Was Unaware

“For the political journalists Mark Halperin and John Heilemann, work on the third installment of their popular Game Change book series — set to be an insiders’ account of the final two months of the 2016 presidential race — came to an abrupt halt last Wednesday at around 10 a.m.,” the New York Times reports.

“That was when Mr. Heilemann received a call from a shaken Mr. Halperin, who informed his longtime partner in writing and reporting that CNN was about to publish a potentially damaging story. Several of Mr. Halperin’s former colleagues at ABC News had accused him of sexual harassment and sexual assault.”

Said Heilemann: “I had never heard of, been exposed to or had any inkling of the notion that he had engaged in any behavior that could be described in even the broadest sense of being sexual harassment or sexual assault. I was flabbergasted and shocked.”

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