Write-In Campaign May Not Be Possible for Strange

With speculation that Sen. Luther Strange (R-AL) could run as a write-in Senate candidate in next month’s Alabama special election since Roy Moore (R) cannot be legally replaced, the Birmingham News reports”that may be unlawful as well.”

“In fact, a 2014 memorandum written by Luther Strange, who was the Alabama Attorney General at the time, states that a political candidate may only get ‘one opportunity to run for an elected position in any given year.’  In addition, ‘it prevents a candidate from having his or her name placed on a general election ballot as an independent in the same year he or she lost in the party primary.'”

“The memo deals specifically with the names printed on the ballot. It remains unclear if the law prohibits a write-in campaign for Strange.”

However, an official at the secretary of state’s office tells the Washington Post that  says Strange would still be eligible.

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