Men Allege Sexual Misconduct by Politician’s Husband

Four men accuse Bryon Hefner, the husband of Massachusetts state Senate President Stan Rosenberg (D), of sexually assaulting and harassing them, the Boston Globe reports.

Here’s one of the stories:

He was a policy advocate who made his living trying to persuade legislators on Beacon Hill to help nonprofit groups. He was exhausted after a working dinner with a group of senators and their spouses on that fall night in 2015. It was very late, and he wanted nothing more than to sleep.

But Bryon Hefner, then the fiance of Senate President Stan Rosenberg, appeared in his doorway. As the advocate recently described it, Hefner took a step forward, grabbed the man’s genitals, and didn’t let go. He recalled Hefner asking him to have some fun with him, telling him Rosenberg wouldn’t mind, that Hefner and the Senate president were a team on Beacon Hill, and that they would take care of him.

The advocate froze. He felt violated, powerless.

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