Are Democrats Ready for a Campaign About Pelosi?

First Read notes that Republicans “are counting on Nancy Pelosi deciding to stay in her position as House Dem leader, and becoming a foil for GOP candidates, especially those running in competitive and red-state congressional districts.”

Indeed, check out these back-to-back TV ads that Republicans are airing against Conor Lamb (D) in next month’s special congressional race in Pennsylvania:

  • Conservative Leadership Fund Super PAC: “A $2,900-dollar middle-class tax cut for our community. Now businesses are giving workers raises and bonuses and creating jobs. Yet Nancy Pelosi and Conor Lamb are still opposing your tax cut.”

“And it raises an important question: Are Democrats prepared for Pelosi — once again — to be used against their candidates? After all, Pelosi, the first and only woman to be House speaker, is more unpopular than President Trump is.”

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