McCarthy Pulls In $12 Million for House GOP

Playbook: “House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy raised $12,120,531 into his four fundraising committees, a sum that insiders believe is the highest quarterly take by a majority leader.”

“McCarthy has raised $40 million this cycle, and has raised and contributed $20 million for other House Republicans in events in D.C. and around the country.”

“Since 2009, the California Republican has been traveling the country, helping raise money and recruit candidates for the GOP. But now, McCarthy is putting together an impressive fundraising resume that will, at some point, make a case for why he thinks he should lead the party. Piling up eight-figure fundraising quarters is a big deal, and usually reserved for the speaker and minority leader. Plus, Republicans will need every last dime of this cash if they want a chance at keeping their majority come this fall.”

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