Larry Kudlow

Kudlow Says Trudeau Tried to Make Trump Look Weak

“President Trump’s top economic adviser said on Sunday that Mr. Trump had pulled out of a joint statement with allies at the Group of 7 meeting over the weekend because a ‘betrayal’ by the Canadian prime minister had threatened to make Mr. Trump appear weak before his summit meeting on Tuesday with North Korea’s leader,” the New York Times reports.

“The adviser, Larry Kudlow, said that Mr. Trump had no choice but to take the action after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in a news conference that Canada would not be pushed around by the United States on trade.”

Said Kudlow: “He stabbed us in the back.”

Kudlow Talks Down Tariffs

“White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow stressed U.S. tariffs announced on Chinese goods are still only proposals that might never take effect as the Trump administration sought to tamp down fears of a trade war,” Bloomberg reports.

Said Kudlow: “None of the tariffs have been put in place yet, these are all proposals. We’re putting it out for comment. There’s at least two months before any actions are taken.”

Kudlow Says He Might Run for Senate

Conservative economist and media figure Larry Kudlow says he’s talked to national Republicans about running for Senate in Connecticut, Roll Call reports.

Said Kudlow: “Maybe I’m speaking out of school but if Sen. Richard Blumenthal votes with Obama on Iran, I’m going to run against him. I’m going to run against him for the Senate. The national Senate campaign committee has come to me and talked to me about it. They polled. I’m not a political guy, I’m an economist. I’m a broadcaster by profession, but I am so angry at this issue, among others.”