Mitt Romney

Romney Proves Trump Right All Along

Rick Klein: “Mitt Romney may or may not be selected as Donald Trump’s secretary of state. But Romney has already performed a valuable service for Trump – by proving him right, about Romney, and about the broader political class. Romney is according extraordinary deference and respect to a man he famously labeled ‘a phony, a fraud’ just months ago…. Trump can now be nice to a man he once said wasn’t very smart, now that Romney has eaten crow along with his frog legs. But it leaves Romney where Trump suggested he belonged from the start: as a politician whose words don’t really matter.”

“If Romney’s words from the campaign had meaning, how could he be swayed by the words Trump has uttered, or even his early actions, now? Trump’s rise was powered by his big called bluff on the political process – that he always knew voters think politicians’ words had no real meaning. Romney surely has the best of intentions in wanting to help and to serve the next president. But he is making Trump seem more right by the day.”

Why Is Mitt Romney Doing This?

Chris Cillizza: “The terrific answer is that Romney still feels a call to public service. That the same motivation that drove him to run for governor or take over the failing Salt Lake City Winter Olympics or even run for president — a desire to make things better and a belief he can do so — is what compels him to make nice with someone that, from a personal perspective, he clearly holds in utter contempt. Under this theory, Romney believes the best way to preserve his vision for the country and its role in the world — and protect those things from potentially harmful decisions by Trump — is to insert himself between the president-elect and the world. That only by going into the Trump administration can he keep really bad things from happening.”

“The terrible answer for Romney is that this willingness to subjugate his personal views about Trump is all in service of an overarching ambition for power that has defined his life. Romney critics — and those are the people pushing this theory — point to his past flip-flops on such issues as abortion and gay marriage as evidence that when a deeply held belief comes up against Romney’s ambition, ambition always wins. So, Romney wants to be secretary of state more than he hates Trump. It’s that simple a calculation.”

Trump Said to Be Still Considering Romney

Washington Post: “Romney plans to have a private dinner Tuesday with Trump, who is said to be intrigued by the notion of reconciling with one of his fiercest Republican antagonists — even as he also weighs rewarding the loyalty of former New York mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani with one of the administration’s most prized jobs or selecting a decorated military officer in David H. Petraeus.”

“Trump is looking for assurances that Romney, the 2012 Republican presidential nominee who has championed a muscular and at times interventionist foreign policy, could be trusted to defend and promote Trump’s markedly different worldview in capitals around the globe, the people familiar with the president-elect’s deliberations said.”

Trump Will Meet with Romney Again

“Donald Trump is meeting with Mitt Romney again on Tuesday, amid an ongoing brawl within his inner circle about the 2012 GOP nominee’s suitability to be secretary of State,” The Hill reports.

“Along with Romney, whose meeting was revealed in a transition team conference call on Monday morning, the president-elect will be meeting with other contenders for the high profile post.”

GOP Lawmaker Slams Romney

Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY) slammed Mitt Romney as an “ego-maniac,” Politico reports.

Said Collins: “Well, I mean, what do I know about Mitt Romney? I know that he is a self-serving, ego-maniac who puts himself first, who has a chip on his shoulder, that thinks he should be president of the United States.”

He added: “I mean, there’s no love lost between me and Mitt Romney. I’ve called him a loser for the last six months, even though I supported him.”

Conway Joins Attacks on Romney

“It has been a tough couple of days for Mitt Romney. After the former Massachusetts governor and 2012 GOP nominee met with President-elect Donald Trump, it was rumored — and then stated explicitly by Vice President-elect Mike Pence — that Romney was being considered for Secretary of State,” Politico reports.

“And it’s been all downhill from there, as Trump supporters and surrogates have piled on, slamming Romney for his attacks on Trump during the GOP primary and his refusal to endorse Trump. Now Kellyanne Conway, a senior transition adviser and Trump’s campaign manager, has joined the fray.”

Huckabee Says Picking Romney Would Be a Mistake

Mike Huckabee warned Presidential-elect Donald Trump against picking Mitt Romney to be his secretary of State, saying it would be an insult to his voters, The Hill reports.

Said Huckabee: “There’s only one way that Mitt Romney can be considered for a post like that, and that is if he goes to a mic in a very public place and repudiates everything he said in that famous Salt Lake City speech and everything he said after that — Donald Trump wasn’t fit, that he lacked character.””

Romney Meets with Trump

“Donald Trump met with Mitt Romney, once a fierce critic of the president-elect who is now being floated as a potential pick for secretary of state, on Saturday afternoon, setting aside the friction between the two men and signaling a willingness by Trump to entertain different points of view on foreign policy,” the Washington Post reports.

Romney said the men had a “very thorough and in-depth discussion” regarding “the various theaters in the world where there are interests of the United States of real significance.”

Trump said of the meeting: “It went great.”

Politico: “Romney and Trump talked for roughly an hour and 20 minutes, and the two emerged to talk briefly with reporters.”

Would Romney Accept a Position from Trump?

First Read: “Mike Flynn, Steve Bannon, Jeff Sessions — none of these are surprises. They were either top figures on the campaign or key surrogates. A surprise would be Mitt Romney, who will be visiting with Trump over the weekend and who reportedly is being considered for secretary of state. If he’s offered State, can a patriotic citizen really say no? But if Romney says yes, he then owns Trump, and his confirmation hearing (frankly any State confirmation hearing) is going to get bogged down with questions about Flynn. So joining a Trump admin comes with a little something extra.”

“But can Romney say no? Does he risk looking small, looking like he won’t put country above politics? And many a Trump skeptic might rationalize that it’s better to keep an eye on his team from the inside than worrying and catcalling from the outside. Bottom line: Who knows if this Romney to State idea is real or just a ruse. But if he’s offered, it’s a complicated decision, made more complicated due to Flynn’s appointment.”

Rick Klein: “Trump is talking to Mitt Romney about becoming Secretary of State seems like a blatant attempt to use Romney now – in the transition period – and not use him later. Trump’s disdain for Romney is matched by Romney’s for Trump; these are not rivals, they are political enemies whose worldviews on matter foreign and domestic are starkly and often completely different.”

Romney Will Discuss Joining Trump Cabinet

President-elect Donald Trump will meet this weekend with one of his fiercest critics: 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney, a senior Republican source told CNN.

The two men are set to meet this weekend to discuss “governing moving forward” and potentially a role for Romney in Trump’s Cabinet.

CNBC says Romney will discuss the secretary of state position with Trump.

Suddenly, Romney Looks Good to Democrats

Associated Press: “Horrified by the prospect of Trump in the White House, Obama and his party have changed their tune about Romney. As they denounce Trump as ‘unhinged’ and unfit, they’re getting nostalgic about the 2012 Republican nominee they now describe as principled, competent and honorable.”

“It’s a sharp reversal from four years ago. Back then, Democrats spent hundreds of millions of dollars portraying the former Massachusetts governor as a callous, unpatriotic, pet-abusing caricature of the uber-rich.”

“Yet as Trump is proving, everything in politics is relative.”

Are Republicans Nostalgic for Mitt Romney?

Henry Gomez: “They lost in 2012 with Mitt Romney, a rich guy who clumsily talked of how he enjoyed firing people and, in so many words, dismissed 47 percent of voters as losers. Months of soul-searching followed. Pretty much everyone agreed on a kinder, gentler, more-inclusive approach.”

“So the answer is Trump? A rich guy who fired people on his own reality TV show? Who gleefully bestows the “loser” label on anyone who dares to cross him? Who reminds you of the racist uncle at Thanksgiving dinner?”

“To say it wasn’t supposed to be this way is an understatement. One reason Republicans chose to hold their convention in Cleveland: To show they had found their soul.”