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When Putting ‘White House’ on Your Resume Doesn’t Help

“Listing a White House gig on your resume used to be considered a sparkling credential, reflecting a stint at the apex of the country’s political power,” the Boston Globe reports.

“But as with so many other things about Donald Trump’s unconventional presidency, former staffers in a White House plagued by constant intrigue and controversy are finding their association with this president a bit more complicated for post-administration prospects.”

“That’s left current and former staffers — and there are a lot of them — stuck with the advice no job-seeker wants: Adjust your expectations.”

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Advice for Those Mulling Jobs In Trump Administration

David Frum: “A law-abiding person will want to stay as far as possible from the personal service of President Trump. As demonstrated by the sad example of Press Secretary Sean Spicer spouting glaring lies on his first day on the job, this president will demand that his aides do improper things—and the low standards of integrity in Trump’s entourage create a culture of conformity to those demands.”

“A wise patriot might be wary of working directly for or near Flynn or anybody else tied to the Russian state, the entities it controls, or Russian business interests. The National Security Council staff has engorged itself to such an enormous size in recent years—now some 400 people—that there are many important roles to fill, safely firewalled away from Flynn.”

“At the other departments or agencies of government, here’s the test: Odds are that the department or agency head will sooner or later be called upon to some improper thing at some point during the Trump administration.”