2004 Campaign

Quote of the Day

“People like Bernie are always attractive, as I was. They speak truth to power. The problem with candidates like that — and like me — is that as you get closer to election time, you’re more careful about how your vote’s going to be used. You’re going to tend to want to see somebody who you think looks presidential as the nominee of your party. That’s one of the things that sank me.”

— Howard Dean, in an interview with the Washington Post.

Howard Dean’s Advice for Candidates

Howard Dean gave some good advice for this cycle’s presidential candidate recalling that his effort to evolve from populist insurgent to plausible president was “really hard,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

Said Dean: “The hard part was that internally you get sucked into being adored by thousands of people who just hang on your every word and you’re trying to dial it back. I found myself reaching back for the fiery applause line that I knew I shouldn’t be doing because the crowd, it would just light ‘em up. That was fine in the room, but it wasn’t fine for the country, who wanted to vote for somebody who looked like a president.”

Dean noted that his inability “to maintain the control necessary to present himself as presidential material, along with a disorganized campaign and intramural squabbles, torpedoed his effort.”

Extra Bonus Quote of the Day

“I feel comfortable, and I feel free. I feel completely liberated. But, you know… I was a lot better senator after I ran for president because I had done it. I had run. I came within 59,000 votes in one state, so for three hours I was president.”

— Secretary of State John Kerry, quoted by Vogue.

How Kerry Used World Stage to Rebuild His Career

Boston Globe: “Just three months after losing his campaign to be president of the United States, a politically wounded and weary Sen. John Kerry took a routine fact-finding tour of the Middle East. It was one of countless overseas trips Kerry had taken in his two decades in Congress. But this time, those accompanying the Massachusetts Democrat noticed something was different…”

“The 2004 presidential campaign had significantly raised Kerry’s profile around the world, an international stature that helped Kerry climb out of the darkness after his defeat at the hands of President George W. Bush and allowed him to reset the trajectory of his public career.”

Too Close for Comfort with John Edwards

Michelle Cottle hopes the news about John Edwards linked to a prostitution ring isn’t proven.

“I want to believe this latest Edwards monkey business isn’t true — not because I harbor a shred of fondness or respect for him, but because I find it unnerving that a man this reckless, this self-indulgent, this irretrievably stupid came within a thousand miles of occupying the White House.”

“Imagine if Ohio had gone blue in 2004. If being a failed VP candidate turned Edwards into a narcissistic fool, what would winning have done to him?”