Tony Blair Now Thinks Iraq War a Mistake

“One of Tony Blair’s closest allies and political friends Lord Falconer has admitted he thought the Iraq war was a mistake,” the Scotsman reports.

Said Falconer: “We didn’t find weapons of mass destruction there and that was the basis by which we went in. So on that basis, we weren’t right to go in.”

“Mr Blair’s former flatmate, when the two were starting out as barristers in the 1970s, admitted that the ex-Prime Minister also believes that.”

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  • Well, duhhhhh!!!

  • growe

    Good for you Poodle Boy, even centrists realized this, oh, 10 years ago.
    I see this popmpous bootlicking leprechaun now and puke in my mouth.

    • tetelou

      The Donald has the same affect on me.

  • Wynstone

    One of his other friends, Leggy Mountbatten, said he described the whole affair as “quite a cock up”.

    • Mike

      Rather so old man. A somewhat unpleasant business, best forgotten.

  • Mike

    I’ve seen this commercial, he’s supposed to slap himself in the head and say “I shudda had a V-8!” then everyone laughs and lives happily ever after – except for the over 100,000 who died in the war and the 100,000s dying from the aftermath.

  • APV

    Not just a mistake, but a blunder of massive proportions.

    So, when should we expect an apology from Bush & Cheney for misleading the nation and the world?

    • mhandrh

      Exactly. A blunder of massive proportions and based on fabricated intel, stovepiped through the system: lies, lies, all lies. Bush&Cheney et al fooled the world, and I suspect we will all die before we hear a mea culpa from them. An admission to their guilt — not their stupidity — but their guilt! Of course, that would precede their appearance before the world court for war crimes.
      They belong in prison for the remainder of their lives, but that reality is only a dream.

      • Hagar32Grady

        Fabricated ???? Not Unka Dick ! Just because there was Tons of yellow cake already stored in Iraq and no means to enrich it…doesn’t mean Saddam didn’t want more. ….and those Ice Cream trucks…..we forget about those Ice Cream trucks scattered all over the map….Were you not listening to Rummy ? 😉

        • mhandrh

          With so much information now available — confirming what some of us were screaming in 2002-2003, it is amazing that they have the brass balls to stand behind what they did, never admit their guilt, never admit their responsibility — and there are fools that still believe them!!

          • Hagar32Grady

            “And it isn’t that we were smarter -” ….No I’m not very smart , I am also not a Machiavellian son of a bastion dick. You didn’t have to be very smart to know this was a fools errand. I understand the anger after 9/11…Want vengeance ? Take your time , surround Afghanistan and finish it. ( not what I would have done but understandable) They DO think they are so smart… but hundreds of thousands are dead and more to come before this little expedition runs it’s course…….. Maybe they are smart ?!? They knew what they wanted, they got what they wanted …..

          • Hawkeye

            They got richer is what they wanted to be sure.

    • Ryan

      I stronly disagree with calling the war a ‘mistake’. There was no mistake. There was a deliberate effort to start a war with Iraq. To, in W’s own words, “take care of unfinished business around the world”. Tragic? Misguided? Stupid? Wrong? Yes to all of those but ‘mistake’? No, mistakes don’t get such advanced strategic and tactical planning.

      • APV

        Agree. It is not like the garden variety “mistakes were made”. This was a calculated effort by the neocons to use the 9/11 backdrop to push their pre-9/11 agenda.

        But only if they had put some thought and planning to envision what was going to happen after Saddam was toppled….Colin Powell talks about the pottery barn rule (you break it, you own it), don’t know how forceful he was within the administration in raising that before the war.

      • Phaedrus

        The reasons for the war were a lie. The execution of the war was a mistake. Iraq wasn’t a lost cause until Rumsfeld tried to run it on the cheap and on a timeline dictated by politics (i.e. before public opinion cratered as people realized WMD was a hoax).

    • APV

      Breaking news… In the latest WSJ./NBC poll, Clinton leads Jeb Bush, 48% to 40%.. Her lead grows to 10 points in a face-off with Florida Rubio and 14 points against Scott Walker.

      She is garnering broad/strong support from Latinos and women under the age of 50.

      For the Democratic nomination, she leads Bernie Sanders 75-15.

    • OBforObama

      “Satan, you’re shivering! Here, let me get you a blanket or a hat or something.”

  • MYMY

    Took a while…

  • UnionLeague

    Tony’s a bit slow.

    • montag

      Yes I know, but his clothing reflects such quiet, good taste.

      • UnionLeague

        Well, in that case Tony’s just an empty suit. 😉

  • Hagar32Grady

    Oh Yeah….Tony was right about the Spice Girls and and and something else….. Damn smug French, Germans and you Liberals always going on facts and such. When you get that gut feeling, sometimes you just have to pour all your treasure and troops into a quagmire….. It will all be all right eventually. After all, what could possibly go wrong taking out a despot. Even if you had no/know plan afterwards.

  • daveminnj

    Profile in Courage.

  • eve

    This makes me profoundly sad.

    Yeah, we have known for years and years it was a huge mistake based on Cheney’s lies.

    I guess it’s seeing one of the decision makers has said as much just brings it all back.

  • oldhandatthis

    A blunder of that magnitude is difficult to own up to, George and Jeb are still in denial about it.

  • Ygorbla

    Truly, a daring and timely conclusion for him to reach.

  • Sounds like a non-apology apology, along the lines of “I am sorry if anyone was offended.”

  • alansnipes

    This comes, not from the mouth of Tony Blair, but from one of his friends and you say that this is what Blair now believes? I’ll believe it when I hear it from his mouth.

  • Ann_Elin

    Gee, tony – a little bit too late to the party, aren’t you, old man? Thanks for playing “World Wide Revisionist History!”

  • Calbengoshi

    Participation in invasion of Iraq may have been a “mistake” for Blair and the UK.

    However, for Bush, Cheney and others in the US the invasion of Iraq was not a “mistake” but instead was a deliberate act for which 9/11 provided the excuse. even though it was patently clear to everyone in the administration that Iraq had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11 and that Saddam Hussein did not support Al Qaeda.

  • DCTexan

    This guy’s first name is Lord? Is that like Hispanic parents who name their child, “Jesus” or Muslims who name theirs, “Muhammad?”

  • Dale

    In the run up to the Iraq invasion I wrote to my senators Boxer and Feinstein and to Rep Hunter pleading with them to vote against the war. It was evident to me that Bush, et al, were rushing to start the war before the UN fact finding team could finish their task of determining if there were really WMDs in Iraq, probably because Bush, e al, knew there were no WMDs to be found. Also, anyone with half a brain cell who had read any Iraq history should have known that foreigners/infidels would not be welcome. My senators and representative all voted for war. Why? Because of the lies told to Congress (and the UN, etc.). Tony Blair was in on the lies so I really wonder what took him so, so, so long to realize it was a “mistake”. The truth is that it was INTENTIONAL. Blood of thousands is on you hands and on the hands of your murdering accomplices.