New York Times Reporters Get Deal for Trump Book

Vanity Fair: “The announcement that New York Times White House correspondents Maggie Haberman and Glenn Thrush have agreed to do a Trump book for Random House… was both bombshell journalism news and something of a foregone conclusion. Haberman and Thrush, two veterans of the New York tabloid world who both worked at Politico before joining the Times, have been the foremost chroniclers of the West Wing reality show. Haberman, in particular, is enviably sourced, and has a bond with the president himself that’s frayed at times but not broken. Thrush, wearer of a signature fedora, was parodied on Saturday Night Live by Bobby Moynihan. They are two of the essential stars of the Trump administration.”

“Random House only acquired the book… within the past two weeks, a person with direct knowledge of the matter told me. During the process, Haberman and Thrush have quietly looped in a small circle of Times and White House insiders, sources said, and are still ironing out the details, such as if and when they’ll take book leave and whether their potential leaves would coincide. Word about the advance is being closely held—but political books by similarly placed reporters have earned advances into the millions.”

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