Chris Christie

Christie’s Portrait Will Cost Taxpayers $85K

Bergen County Record: “To most people, the image that sums up Chris Christie’s time as governor is the picture of him on that beach closed to everyone else, in that chair with his family and friends while the public was shut out of state parks on a holiday weekend during a government shutdown.”

“The image that Christie wants to officially mark his time as governor and the one that the public is paying for will be painted by an Australian artist… At a total of $85,000, Christie’s portrait will cost more than what his three predecessors combined paid to have their images hang in commemoration of their political service.”

Christie Says Trump Would Probably Perjure Himself

Former Gov. Chris Christie (R) was rather blunt in making the case for President Trump to refuse an interview with special counsel Robert Mueller, the Washington Post reports.

Said Christie: “He should never walk into that room with Robert Mueller. Because in the end, one of the things that makes the president who he is, is that he’s a salesman. And salesman, at times, tend to be hyperbolic. Right, and this president certainly has tended to do that.”

He added: “That’s okay when you’re on the campaign hustle. That’s okay when you’re working on Congress. It is not okay when you’re sitting talking to federal agents because, you know, 18 USC 1001 is false statements to federal agents. That’s a crime. That can send you to jail.”

Christie Says Kushner Should Resign

Former Gov. Chris Christie (R) told ABC News that it’s time for Jared Kushner to leave the White House.

He said Kushner should follow the example set by a “noble” Hope Hicks, who announced her resignation as communications director last week.

Said Christie: “I think what the staff has to do is in fact what Hope Hicks I think did. I think Hope Hicks saw that between the Rob Porter situation and some of the other things that were going on, that she was becoming a distraction for the president and less of an asset in her mind, and she did the noble thing in my view, which was to say, you know what, if I’m not 100 percent an asset for the president, I’m going to back away.”

Almost No One Will Miss Christie

A new Rutgers-Eagleton Poll finds that just 5% of New Jersey residents said they are going to miss Gov. Chris Christie (R) when he leaves office later this month.

The margin of error is +/- 3%.

“Christie will end his second term as the most disapproved and disliked since Eagleton began surveying the public almost five decades ago. Thirteen percent have a favorable impression of him (a new low for this
final measurement of his likability), compared to 68% who are unfavorable.”

Christie Said He Would Be President If Not for Trump

Gov. Chris Christie (R) told the Newark Star Ledger that he would be in the White House if President Trump hadn’t entered the 2016 presidential race.

Said Christie: “It’s incredibly frustrating to think to yourself, ‘Wow, if this guy were not in the race, we’d win this thing.’ And I absolutely believe if Trump had not gotten into the race I think we would have won.”

Christie Says It Was a Mistake to Dump His Transition Plan

As chaos continues in Washington, Gov. Chris Christie (R) told the Newark Star Ledger that the decision to dump him as Trump’s transition chair — and throw his plans in the trash can — was a dumb one.

Said Christie: “I can only tell you who ultimately executed on it and that was Bannon, Priebus and Kushner, They were the three guys in charge and they were the ones who ultimately made that recommendation to the president. And I think they ill-served him by doing it.”

Bonus Quote of the Day

“I got home about 4:30 a.m. And Mary Pat, who is the soundest sleeper I’ve ever met in my life, who can sleep through anything, was straight up in bed waiting for me. And she looked at me and said, ‘Are we going to Washington?’ And I said, I really don’t know, but get ready.”

— Gov. Chris Christie (R), in a New York Times interview, remembering election night in 2016.

Christie Says Kushner ‘Deserves the Scrutiny’

Gov. Chris Christie (R), who helped put Jared Kushner’s father in prison, “showed no mercy toward the senior White House adviser, encouraging Russia probe investigators to closely examine any hand he may have had in potential wrongdoings by the Trump campaign,” Newsweek reports.

Christie said Kushner “deserves the scrutiny, you know why? Because he was involved in the transition and involved in meetings that call into question his role. Well then if he’s innocent of that, then that will come out as Mueller examines all the facts. And if he’s not, that will come out too.”

Christie Says Opposing Flynn Was Why He Was Booted

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) said he was ousted as head of President Trump’s transition due in part to his opposition to the hiring of Michael Flynn as national security adviser, Politico reports.

Said Christie: “I thought it was a significant reason… Suffice to say, I had serious misgivings, which I think have been confirmed by the fact that he pled guilty to a felony in federal court.”

Christie Didn’t Tell Staff of Plans to Endorse Trump

Politico: “Before Christie flew to Dallas to endorse Donald Trump two weeks later, he didn’t tell some of his most senior aides. They learned about it from his secretary while he was in the air. Christie had assured aides after New Hampshire that he didn’t plan to endorse in the race, and they looked forward to trying to salvage his legacy in New Jersey.”

“After he learned the news, Kevin Roberts, then communications director, called his team into an emergency meeting and told them. He was met with silence.”

“‘We’re fucked,’ Roberts said, according to attendees. The decision was widely loathed in his circle. DuHaime, his top political adviser, declined to follow his lead. Maria Comella, his top aide for years, later came out with a statement endorsing Hillary Clinton.”