Rahm Emanuel

Top Emanuel Aides Knew of Shooting Video

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel “has said he didn’t understand the gravity of Laquan McDonald’s shooting death at the hands of a Chicago police officer until just before the city settled with the teen’s family last spring, and that he wasn’t aware other officers may have falsified reports about the shooting until just after the video was released to the public,” the Chicago Tribune reports.

“But interviews, official city calendars and emails show in both cases the mayor’s closest aides and City Hall attorneys knew much earlier than that.”

Chicago Lawyers Tried to Keep Video Secret

“City of Chicago lawyers, after meeting with Mayor Rahm Emanuel, demanded the Laquan McDonald family bury the video showing the killing of their son by a police officer,” the Daily Beast reports.

“Emanuel has maintained since McDonald’s death that he has never seen the dashcam video, but the emails prove the mayor knew exactly what the footage showed when city lawyers negotiated a deal that would at least delay the video’s release.”

Rauner Would Back Efforts to Recall Emanuel

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner (R) “started off the new year swinging, offering vague criticism of Mayor Rahm Emanuel over his handling of police-involved shootings and vowing to sign legislation that would allow voters to recall Chicago mayors in the unlikely event the measure reaches his desk,” the Chicago Tribune reports.

Rauner said his longtime friend and former business associate “inherited a mess” but has done little in the way to overhaul how the city operates.

Behind the Sudden Fall of Rahm Emanuel

Rick Perlstein: “Now the sins of Emanuel are finally catching up with him. Lucky for him, however, the compounding police-shooting scandal has erased from the news a peccadillo from this past November: the mayor’s press team was eavesdropping and recording reporters while they interviewed aldermen critical of the mayor. A spokesman responded to the press by saying that their only intent was also ‘to make sure reporters have what you need, which is exactly what you have here.’ That made no sense. But then so much of the legend of Rahm Emanuel’s brilliant career makes little sense. The bigger question, perhaps, is what this says about a political party and the political press that bought the legend in the first place.”

Emanuel Faces Growing Pressure to Resign

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D) said he would “cut his family vacation in Cuba short to address the fatal shooting of two more black residents by a city police department already under federal investigation over its use of deadly force,” Reuters reports.

“The decision comes after activists stepped up calls for Emanuel’s resignation over his handling of policing in the nation’s third-largest city.”

Rahm Emanuel in the Hot Seat

New York Times: “Since the release last month of video showing a white Chicago police officer firing 16 shots into a black teenager named Laquan McDonald, Mr. Emanuel has been a mayor under siege. A debate over race and policing has swept through many cities this year, but its arrival here has pointed an especially strong spotlight on City Hall. And the fatal shooting of two people by the police Saturday morning, one of them a 19-year-old man with possible mental health problems and the other a 55-year-old bystander, intensified the scrutiny.”

“Even before this, Mr. Emanuel had a complicated, uncertain relationship with some of Chicago’s black residents over the closing of nearly 50 schools and a struggle to slow gang-related gun violence. Those issues helped force him into a difficult runoff election this year as he sought a second term as mayor.”

GQ named Emanuel to its list of “The Worst People of 2015.”

Emanuel Apologizes for Police Cover Up

Fighting for his political life, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D) apologized for the “systematic breakdown” that culminated in the “totally avoidable” police shooting of Laquan McDonald and acknowledged the “code of silence” in the Chicago Police Department he once tried to keep out of a court record, the Chicago Sun Times reports.

“The cathartic speech before aldermen, who offered their own apology, did nothing to silence demands for Emanuel’s resignation.”

Emanuel Rips Reporter Over Leaked Vacation Plans

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel unleashed on Politico‘s Mike Allen this morning after he reported a private conversation they had before going on stage.

Brad Phillips: “Emanuel later threatened to give Allen’s cell phone number to his wife so that Allen could explain to her directly why he had broken their secret vacation plans. When Allen tried to apologize, Emanuel—who looked like he could barely contain his rage—snapped: ‘I don’t know if you know this, it’s not gonna work.'”

Emanuel Spent Nearly $23 Million on Re-Election Bid

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel “and a supportive political action committee spent more than $22.8 million in the preliminary and runoff elections en route to the mayor winning a second term,” the Chicago Tribune reports.

“By contrast, challenger Jesus ‘Chuy’ Garcia and his union allies spent at least $4.6 million, far behind Emanuel, who collected 56 percent of the vote last week.”

Will Runoff Humble Rahm Emanuel?

“By some measure, everything ended just as it had begun. After an unexpected and unprecedented runoff election in the nation’s third-largest city, Chicago’s brash mayor, Rahm Emanuel, was still Chicago’s mayor,” the New York Times reports.

“Yet the fallout for Mr. Emanuel from the past six weeks — a period of frenetic campaigning and humbling public self-examination — will be lasting. A tangible bloc of dissent has loudly made its case in a city where Mr. Emanuel and the mayors before him had often governed with little effective opposition and most aldermen in lock step.”

Politico: How Rahm almost blew it

Emanuel Wins Re-Election as Chicago Mayor

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to concede defeat, the Chicago Tribune reports.

“Tuesday’s election capped a hard-fought, nationally watched six-week campaign that featured Emanuel in a fight for his political life against Garcia, who has presented himself as the more compassionate option. The contest served as the nation’s latest proxy battle between establishment Democrats, represented by the mayor, and progressives, who backed Garcia.”