Michael Flynn

What Really Happened at Trump’s Intelligence Briefing

“As U.S. officials cast doubt on Donald Trump’s claim he read the ‘body language’ of intelligence officials at a recent briefing, NBC News has learned exclusive details of what unfolded in the room — one of Trump’s advisers repeatedly interrupted the briefers until Chris Christie intervened.”

“U.S. official pointed out that intelligence officers don’t give policy advice, so it would be inaccurate to say that Obama failed to follow the advice of the intelligence community. A second U.S. official said analysts are trained not to allow their body language to betray their thinking. Meanwhile, four people with knowledge of the matter told NBC News that one of the advisers Trump brought to the briefing, retired general Mike Flynn, repeatedly interrupted the briefing with pointed questions.”

“Two sources said Christie, the New Jersey governor and Trump adviser, verbally restrained Flynn — one saying Christie said, ‘Shut up,’ the other reporting he said, ‘Calm down.’ Two other sources said Christie touched Flynn’s arm in an effort get him to calm down and let the officials continue.”

Trump Considering Retired General for Veep

“After weeks of focusing on a group of current and former elected officials in his search for a running mate, Donald Trump is increasingly intrigued by the idea of tapping retired Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn in order to project strength and know-how on national security, according to four people familiar with the vetting process,” the Washington Post reports.

“Flynn, a registered Democrat but fierce critic of President Obama, previously ran the Defense Intelligence Agency.”

“The turn toward a military figure is being driven by Trump himself rather than by his advisers, the people said, and comes as the real estate mogul is telling his friends that national unrest may demand a ‘tough and steady’ presence alongside him on the ticket.”