Stormy Daniels

Stormy Daniels Arrested at Strip Club

Stormy Daniels “was arrested early Thursday at an Ohio strip club for allegedly touching patrons on stage in violation of state law,” CNN reports.

“When officers witnessed those activities, three detectives approached the stage. Daniels allegedly made her way toward two detectives, leaned over and grabbed their faces. She shoved each of their faces between her breasts.”

Said attorney Michael Avenatti: “This was a setup and politically motivated. It reeks of desperation. We will fight all bogus charges.”

Quote of the Day

“I’ll put it this way. People forced to play defense tend to get sloppy, they tend to make mistakes. And look, if I didn’t think Michael was doing a good job, I would fire his ass…. Every time I watch him work, I think, This is what it must have been like to see the Sistine Chapel being painted. But instead of paint, Michael uses the tears of his enemies.”

— Stormy Daniels, quoted by the New York Times, about her attorney, Michael Avenatti.

Stormy Daniels to Meet with Federal Prosecutors

“Stormy Daniels is scheduled Monday to be interviewed by prosecutors in the Southern District of New York, preparing for a potential grand jury appearance about a $130,000 payment from President Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen in exchange for her silence about an alleged affair with Trump,” the Washington Post reports.

“Cohen is under federal investigation for possible campaign finance violations as well as bank and wire fraud. An FBI raid of his New York law office and home included a search for records related to the Daniels payment.”

Cohen Seeks to Gag Avenatti

“Attorney Michael Avenatti’s months-long publicity tour attacking President Trump and Trump attorney Michael Cohen could be brought to an abrupt end soon if a federal judge agrees to a new request for a gag order against the ubiquitous Avenatti,” Politico reports.

“A lawyer for Cohen, Brent Blakely, asked a judge in Los Angeles Thursday to issue an order barring Avenatti from making public statements about the lawsuit Avenatti’s client, porn star Stormy Daniels, filed against Trump and Cohen in March… Blakely said an avalanche of inflammatory public comments by Avenatti—including at least 121 TV appearances and 439 tweets—is tainting the court proceeding.”

Porn Star Says Her Lawyer Was ‘Puppet’ for Trump

Stormy Daniels says in a new lawsuit that her former attorney betrayed her and became a “puppet” for President Trump and his personal lawyer while still representing her, NBC News reports.

The filing alleges that lawyer Keith Davidson “hatched a plan” and “colluded” with Trump attorney Michael Cohen to get the adult film actress to go on Fox News a few months ago and falsely deny she had an affair with Trump a decade ago.

Graham Says Stormy Daniels Is ‘Nobody’s Business’

Evangelist Franklin Graham told the Associated Press that the whole Stormy Daniels scandal was “nobody’s business.”

He added: “This stuff happened 12 years ago. This isn’t behavior that has taken place since he’s been president. These things happened long before he became president. That doesn’t make it right. And I don’t defend those kinds of relationships he had. But the country knew the kind of person he was back then, and they still made the decision to make him the president of the United States.”

Trump Undercuts Giuliani on Payments to Porn Star

President Trump “undercut his attorney, Rudy Giuliani, and said the former New York mayor will eventually get the facts right regarding a payment to a pornographic actress who said she had an affair with Mr. Trump,” the New York Times reports.

Trump said that everything “has been said incorrectly,” blaming the media coverage and Mr. Giuliani’s short time on the job.

He added that Giuliani, who joined Trump’s legal team last month, “started a day ago” but will “get his facts straight.”

Giuliani Says Trump Only Recently Knew He Paid Cohen

Rudy Giuliani told NBC News that President Trump “only recently found out that he reimbursed his personal attorney, Michael Cohen, for a $130,000 nondisclosure agreement with adult performer Stormy Daniels just days before the 2016 election.”

Said Giuliani: “I don’t think the president realized he paid him back for that specific thing until we made him aware of the paperwork.”

Giuliani said the president responded: “Oh my goodness, I guess that’s what it was for.”

Court Grants 90-Day Delay In Stormy Daniels’ Lawsuit

A federal judge ruled that a lawsuit filed by Stormy Daniels over an alleged “hush money” deal with President Trump and his attorney Michael Cohen will be put on hold for three months because of a criminal investigation Cohen is facing, Politico reports.

The judge said it appeared “likely” that Cohen would be indicted in connection with the ongoing investigation.

Michael Avenatti, a lawyer for Daniels, responded in a tweet: “Justice delayed is justice denied.”

Trump Says Cohen Worked for Him on Stormy Daniels Deal

President Trump admitted in a Fox News interview that Michael Cohen did legal work on his behalf to reach a non-disclosure agreement with Stormy Daniels, The Hill reports.

Said Trump: “Like with this crazy Stormy Daniels deal, he represented me and you know, from what I see, he did absolutely nothing wrong.”

Trump previously said he had no knowledge of the payment Cohen made as part of the agreement.

Cohen Will Plead Fifth In Stormy Daniels Lawsuit

President Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, plans to assert his Fifth Amendment rights in the lawsuit filed against him by adult film star Stormy Daniels, The Hill reports.

“Cohen said the FBI raids earlier this month on his residence, office and hotel room — and the ongoing criminal probe they represent — are behind the decision not to offer testimony in the California lawsuit.”

Why Stormy Daniels Poses a Problem for Democrats

Ron Brownstein: “Trump has forged a powerful connection with many working-class whites by expressing their anxiety about cultural, demographic, and economic change. If there’s an opening for Democrats among these Americans, it’s through discrediting Trump’s argument that he’s championing working-class interests against powerful elites. For Democrats, the key is building a case that Trump, for all his posturing as a working-class hero, has increased economic insecurity for average families. They could do so by highlighting his attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, along with his support for a tax plan that mostly benefited the wealthy and corporations and will eventually increase pressure to cut Social Security and Medicare.”

“Those arguments, however, now rarely break through the tabloid maelstrom constantly engulfing Trump. Yet, as in 2016, personal doubts about the president may not prove disqualifying for enough voters to provide Democrats a winning majority.”

“The election results in November are much more likely to turn on which side wins the arguments over those policies than on whether slightly more or fewer Americans than today consider Trump unfit for the presidency. In other words: For a sunny outcome this fall, Democrats probably need more health care and taxes—and less Comey and Stormy.”