Techies Move Into Campaigns

Bloomberg looks at “the rise of a new professional, political class: a core group of young technology experts who are shunning traditional campaign titles, starting companies and making millions off the most expensive presidential campaign in history. They are cutting a path similar to the one etched by television ad makers in the 1980s, with a dose of Silicon Valley and the dot-com boom’s edginess.”

RNC Seeks to Turn Facebook Into a Political Tool

The RNC “is preparing to launch a new Facebook tool that lets users share news, talking points and the latest updates about the presidential campaign with their friends,” CNN reports.

“Republicans using the application will be able do the work usually reserved for campaign offices simply by logging into Facebook from their personal computers… They can fill out and submit absentee ballot applications, see early voting deadlines, donate to the party or inform their friends about upcoming campaign event… all while never leaving Facebook. And simply by clicking a button, a user’s phone will ring and automatically re-connect them, via RNC headquarters, to targeted voters in key states.”

140 Best Twitter Feeds

Thanks to Time magazine for naming @politicalwire as one of the best Twitter feeds!

Other notable political feeds include: Andy Borowitz (@BorowitzReport), Barack Obama (@BarackObama), Michelle
Obama (@MichelleObama), Mitt Romney (@MittRomney), Rick Santorum
(@RickSantorum), Newt Gingrich (@NewtGingrich), Alec Ross (@AlecJRoss),
Ezra Klein (@EzraKlein), Karen Tumulty (@Ktumulty), Dave Weigel
(@DaveWeigel) and Mark Knoller (@MarkKnoller).