Newt Gingrich

Gingrich Compares FBI to Stalin and Nazis

Newt Gingrich tore into the FBI after its raid of President Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, likening agents’ actions to those of the secret police during the Nazi regime, The Hill reports.

Said Gingrich: “This whole thing is an absurdity. We’ve now had Paul Manafort and his wife in their pajamas at 3 in the morning having the FBI break down the door. Cohen, the lawyer, had the door taken off of the hinges at 6 in the morning.”

He added: “It ain’t the rule of law when they kick in your door at 3 in the morning and you’re faced with armed men. And you have had no reason to be told you’re going to have that kind of treatment. That’s Stalin. That’s the Gestapo in Germany. That shouldn’t be the American FBI.”

Gingrich Torches Scaramucci

Newt Gingrich harshly criticized White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci in a radio interview with Laura Ingraham, calling his recent actions “divisive” and “unhelpful.”

Said Gingrich: “I think that Scaramucci had better be a lot more careful than he has been. He obviously likes the limelight. He obviously likes being in the media. I would say right now that he’s being more pugnacious than effective. I think he ought to slow down a little bit and learn what he’s doing… If he’s gonna be that divisive, I’m not sure he’s gonna be very useful to the President.”

He added: “I think Scaramucci’s full of himself.”

Bonus Quote of the Day

“I would say to Sen. Schumer, if you look what happened to Jeb Bush or you look what happened to Hillary Clinton, you should be very worried if Donald Trump decides to focus on you because, so far, the track record is pretty good that he can define you a lot better than you can define him.”

— Newt Gingrich, quoted by Politico, warning Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) not to get into a public fight with Donald Trump.

Gingrich Worries Trump Team Won’t Be Tough Enough

Newt Gingrich told ABC News that his greatest worry is that President-elect Donald Trump and his team will “lose their nerve” once in office.

Said Gingrich: “Look, they’re going to arrive in Washington, and for them to be successful they have to stake out positions that DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile will not like and the left will hate. I’m worried that when they realize how big the problem is, that they decide that they’re just going to do the best they can and give in.”

He added: “You’re going to have the government employees going crazy about civil service reform. You’re going to have the teachers union going crazy over school choice. And these are pretty nonnegotiable. I mean, if you’re serious about school choice, there is no agreement with the teachers union.”

Quote of the Day

“The Constitution gives the president of the United States an extraordinarily wide grant of authority to use the power of the pardon. I’m not saying he should. I’m not saying he will. It also allows a president in a national security moment to say to somebody, go do X even if it’s technically against the law and here’s your pardon because I am ordering you as commander-in-chief to go do this.”

— Newt Gingrich, in an interview with NPR.

Quote of the Day

“In the case of the president, he has a broad ability to organize the White House the way he wants to. He also has, frankly, the power of the pardon. It’s a totally open power. He could simply say, ‘Look, I want them to be my advisers. I pardon them if anyone finds them to have behaved against the rules. Period. Technically, under the Constitution, he has that level of authority.”

— Newt Gingrich, quoted by Politico.

Gingrich Boosts His Speaking Fee

Newt Gingrich’s speaking agency sent out a notice Thursday afternoon informing potential customers that the former House Speaker’s fee would increase due to his “insight into President-elect Trump’s philosophies, principles and objectives,” according to Playbook.

“If you want to book the former House speaker for a D.C. speech, it will now cost you $25,000 plus ground transportation. For speeches east of Chicago, he’s charging $60,000 plus first class travel for two, and for speeches west of Chicago, he’s asking $75,000 plus first class travel for two. It’s an increase of about $15,000, our source tells us. No wonder he wanted to stay out of the administration!”