Stephen Bannon

Why Trumpism Will Continue After the Election

New Republic: “There’s been much dispute about whether Trumpism is a passing fad or will have staying power. Trump himself is a senior citizen and has, at best, one more presidential run in him. It’s not clear whether any of his children have the political charisma needed to take over the movement, or whether other politicians (Tom Cotton? Ted Cruz?) would be prepared to remake themselves in Trump’s image.”

“But there is ample reason to think that Trumpism will continue to be a powerful force in the Republican Party simply because Stephen Bannon will be around to promote it. Over the last two years, Bannon has proven himself to be a formidable figure on the right, with both the means and the ambition to alter the political landscape.”

Trump Invited Guests from Clinton’s ‘Sordid Past’

Trump campaign CEO Steve Bannon says Donald Trump is “the master of the head fake,” CNN reports.

Bannon said the news that President Obama’s Trump-supporting half-brother Malik Obama is attending tonight’s final presidential debate is “just an appetizer.”

He added that Trump will be bringing guests who “expose Bill and Hillary’s sordid past.”

Bannon Said He Was Running Trump’s Campaign in 2015

“A year before Donald Trump hired Breitbart News’ executive chairman to be his presidential campaign’s CEO, Stephen K. Bannon boasted, ‘I’m Trump’s campaign manager’ via email,” the Daily Beast reports.

“Breitbart’s ties to Trump were long suspected before Bannon was brought aboard the campaign following the ouster of campaign chairman Paul Manafort in August 2016. Breitbart News, a website beloved by the so-called ‘alt-right’, had been a Trump’s staunchest ally in the media. Breitbart was so loyal to Trump that it even took the campaign’s side when then-campaign manager Corey Lewandowski lied about bruising Michelle Fields, then a Breitbart reporter.”

Trump CEO Doesn’t Like ‘Whiny Brat Jews’

“Donald Trump’s campaign CEO Stephen Bannon was branded an anti-Semite by the same ex-wife who claimed he choked her, court documents reveal,” the New York Daily News reports.

“Mary Louise Piccard said in a 2007 court declaration that Bannon didn’t want their twin daughters attending the Archer School for Girls in Los Angeles because many Jewish students were enrolled at the elite institution.”

Said Piccard in a court statement at the time: “The biggest problem he had with Archer is the number of Jews that attend. He said that he doesn’t like the way they raise their kids to be ‘whiny brats’ and that he didn’t want the girls going to school with Jews.”

Trump Manager May Have Violated Election Law

“Donald Trump’s new presidential campaign chief is registered to vote in a key swing state at an empty house where he does not live, in an apparent breach of election laws,” the Guardian reports.

“Stephen Bannon, the chief executive of Trump’s election campaign, has an active voter registration at the house in Miami-Dade County, Florida, which is vacant and due to be demolished to make way for a new development.”

Politico: Bannon was charged with domestic violence in 1996.